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Maybe you're not ready to fully commit. Or, maybe all you need is just one session. Either way, this "a la carte" option gets you scheduled for my undivided attention when you need it to create a plan of attack and get you moving in the direction of your greatness.

Included in this "a la carte", single session option:

  • I'll prompt you with a questionnaire prior to our meeting to enable us both to get a clearer picture of what our main focus will be in the session.

  • We will meet via in-person, phone or video call for up to 90 minutes, covering the area of focus, what led up to current climate and discuss possible solutions.

  • You will receive a session recap printout, detailing what we discussed and what action steps were to be taken next, making sure you have clear focus and direction.

  • Accountability - You will receive a follow up text from me to see how things are progressing within the first week after our session and then a brief 15 minute call within 2 weeks, a follow up to help you follow through.

1 Session: $150.00

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