As a life coach and public speaker, sometimes the way you help others is by sharing your own experiences. These podcasts are comprised of my own  experiences and views on topics I find important to discuss.

"Who am I?"

In this episode, Dustin Gruss shares a little more about his history and how he came to be THE Greatness Facilitator and why he's so passionate about helping people- because he once felt lost as well.

Happiness in 2020

In this first episode of 2020 Dustin shares some tips and tricks to bring more positivity and happiness to your life for the next year. 

Dreams and Decisions

The things you really want out of life are achievable, you just have to continue to make the small decisions as well as the big ones that line up with what you want. 

"Lessons in Losing"

In this episode, Dustin breaks from the norm of interviewing others and instead shares a recent experience and the lessons he learned by NOT winning a speech competition he was confident he was going to win. 

"Getting More Done in 2020"

In this episode of the 2020 season, Dustin shares some strategies to get more things done and be more productive in the year ahead.  

Feel the Feelings

In this episode Dustin Gruss, THE Greatness Facilitator, talks about the importance of feeling the emotions we experience versus being sheltered or stuffing our own feelings down. Dustin also provides an exercise to help process our feelings, using a tool provided by "101 Tools Life Coaches Use." 

Turn the '20 on it's side (Saying No)

We can all be guilty of taking too much on because we don't want to disappoint people, often putting our life on hold. In this episode, I share with you polite ways to say no to people without feeling bad about it so you can stay true to your priorities. To make '20 more productive,  turn it on it's side and say "No."

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