As a life coach you realize that not all the inspiration and life changing information comes from you. It's often the lives and stories of those who have gone before you that can make the biggest difference. These are the stories of some of the people I find inspiring.

"Dream Manager", Jonathan Dunn

 In this first episode Dustin interviews his good friend and mentor who encouraged Dustin to make a major change in his life 4 years ago and is now leading others to their dreams. The two discuss Dunn's upbringing, his faith and what brought him to where he is/ what he's doing now as a Certified Dream Manager.

"Destined Legend" Trainer/Writer,

Drew Mitchell

 In this episode Dustin interviews his first trainer, Drew Mitchell, about his faith, His experience in the fitness industry and his aspirations as a writer who wants to see his self-published books turned into movies.

Ep 3, "That's funny, man." ft. Comedian,

Greg Kennedy

In this episode, Dustin interviews former colleague, Greg Kennedy, who's story is inspiring because he is betting on himself- moving to Chicago to pursue his dream of making it as a comedian. 

"Love & Affliction" Author, Timothy Beidleman

In this episode, Dustin speaks with Timothy Beidleman about his upbringing and how he found his faith, how his faith affects his work now and about his book, "Love and Affliction" which Beidleman had just published on Amazon.

"Transitions Still Move You Forward" 

Career Coach,

Kris McGuigan

In this episode Dustin interviews Kris McGuigan, THE Top Resume Writer in Cleveland who is also a Career Coach and is expanding her reach. Hear some advice as well as how McGuigan's upbringing played into her career path, how she discovered her passion and how she came back to it after having put it on pause for other life events. Visit McGuigan's company here.  

"Overcoming Odds to Lift up Others" Morning Radio Show Host, Jon Cupo

In this episode Dustin speaks with Cleveland morning radio show host of "The Jon Cupo Show," Jon Cupo. Cupo has used his various platforms to entertain and help lift up others, all while fighting his own daily battle with a highly severe diagnosis of bipolar disorder.  They discuss his battle, and how he uses those opportunities to overcome his days of struggle to brighten the days of others.

"Daring to Dream More"

Dream Manager, Jonathan Dunn

In this episode Dustin interviews his first guest for the second time, Jonathan Dunn, catching up on all that he's been up to with The Dream Manager Program since their first interview back in the start of 2018. They also discuss current and future endeavors of Dunn's, including a YouTube channel and a book.

"This Girl is on Fire"  Entrepreneur,

Jasmine McCarthy

In this episode of the SU2G Podcast, THE Greatness Facilitator, Dustin Gruss, interviews another old friend from his high school days that has moved on to big things, Jasmine McCarthy. McCarthy talks about how her upbringing helped her develop the drive that led her to be an entrepreneur and owner of 2 successful businesses today. She also has great advice for aspiring entrepreneurs. Listen to Jasmine's story and her advice here.

"Taking Action with Mr. Motivator"

Speaker/Trainer/Foster Care Advocate,

Jamole Callahan


In this episode Dustin interviews Mr. Motivator, Jamole Callahan. After experiencing life in the foster system himself, Jamole has been working for years to give a voice to the kids in foster care, doing so wearing many different hats. Check him out.

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