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We Take the "Bored" out of Boardroom!

Lift your heart a little higher. Spread the love like fire. Raise your thoughts a little higher. Use your words to inspire. Hope will fall like rain when you speak life with the words you say... Speak life! - Toby Mac

Dustin: A Voice for Positivity and Action

According to most studies, public speaking is the #1 fear for most Americans, second to death itself. I believe that when you have a message of hope for the world you should be excited to share it. 

That enthusiasm is what I've been comfortable to bring since back in my days of high school as a PA announcer for high school sports and in show choir. Sharing God's word the past couple years standing before our congregation as a liturgist at church. Growing, polishing and competing with my craft in Toastmasters for a couple years. And most recently, sharing my message with local non-profits and companies alike, expressing the need for self-care and positivity in the workplace as well as assisting health enthusiasts create plans on how to reach their goals. 

Most importantly, my message isn't just mine to share. I invite and welcome audience participation to help relate not only myself to my audience, but my audience members to each other. 

I invite you to watch the video for a small peek at what I bring to my presentations and what some of the audience has had to say. And then take a look at my growing list of presentations below. 

“Dustin used his personal life experiences to show how his “Greatness” guiding principles can truly be impactful.”- Jennifer Hudak, SSA Manager at Summit DD

Positivity in the Workplace

Whether your company is starting up, going through a time of transition or looking to instill a breath of fresh air- this presentation will help transform company culture.

Importance of Self-Care

Many companies are blessed with employees that go above and beyond to serve. But what happens when those employees don't take care of themselves? The results can be alarming.

Overcome Procrastination NOW

Constant productivity an issue? Rushing to meet deadlines last minute? Learn to overcome the myth and habits of procrastination to advance your company.


We all have things that are important to us. Sometimes the levels of importance get twisted without us realizing it. This presentation helps identify what we've been focusing on and how to adjust to what should be our focus.

Keep Moving Forward

Our mantra here at SU2G, the focus of this presentation is how to shift your mindset, gain perspective and to push through when life tries to knock you down. 

Win the Week to Change Your Year

What if I told you that you didn't have to win every single day for your year to be amazing? I provide simple, life changing strategies to make the game of life more than manageable.

Life as a Foster Parent

From the heartbreaking news of infertility to the love filled giggles, lullabies and play time, I share my experience of loss, love and hope for the future as a foster parent.

More to Come...

There's a saying, "if you're not growing you're dead." As both my life and professional experiences expand, so will the lessons I hope to pass on to others. Stay tuned for more. Or, contact me if you have a message in mind you want delivered. 

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Jennifer, LPLS

“I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Mr. Gruss’s seminars and found him to be very engaging. He has the right mix of humor and facts that keep the presentation moving; before you know it you’ve been listening to him for 45 minutes and want him to just keep going. I very much appreciated him drawing from his personal background as it made him all the more genuine. I would welcome the opportunity to hear him speak again.”

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“I recently worked with Dustin to bring him to my organization’s professional development day. He was extremely professional, an excellent communicator and was willing to tailor his presentation to meet the specific needs of my organization. He provided a high-quality presentation on positivity and how it can be life-changing, and I believe he made lasting impact on many of our staff. It was a pleasure to work with him.”

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Danielle, LPLS

“Dustin Gruss was my favorite speaker in the program.  He offered ideas that really made a lot of sense.  I especially liked his pointers on how to handle grief and how greeting both your co-workers and your patrons with a smile can brighten everyone's day.  His presentation held my attention every minute.”

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