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Are you Disciplined?

We all have goals, dreams and wishes. But often we see them as unattainable. But what keeps us from achieving this life that we dream of? I hate to break it to you, but often it is ourselves.

Wait, What?!? 

Sadly it's true. The reason being, anytime we meet some resistance, especially early on in our quest, we assume that the whole journey is going to be that way and we give up. 

But, what if I told you that you could achieve these things simply by adopting the behaviors of one hyphenated word? What word am I talking about?


When we learn the methods and habits of self-discipline and apply it to our daily lives we are able to step over the obstacles that once looked like mountains because they now appear as tiny pebbles. We gain momentum, confidence and resilience as we check off markers and milestones on our way towards our goals and dreams. 

This page is dedicated to the formation of self-discipline. Here you will find, in chronological order, my Life Lessons video series, "Are you Disciplined?", leading you on the path of identifying, building the habits of and applying self-discipline, which will ultimately lead you to accomplishing your goals and living the life you want.

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