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Adventure vs. Stretching Yourself Beyond Your Means

Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels

Welcome to the newly designed Step Up To Greatness site! While I would love to tell you there was a noble or exciting business reason for the redesign, that just wasn't the case. In all honesty, the reason was simply frustration.

Originally my page was created by my computer intelligent brother, Eric. He helps design websites on the side of his regular day job and he got me setup on WordPress. It was a great platform and very customizable with the thousands upon thousands of layouts, plugins and other programs that you could use with it. The problem with it though? The thousands upon thousands of layouts, plugins and other programs to sift through. For a novice like me, it took me way too long to sift through and try the different variations and see what worked and how close (or how far off it would be) to what I had envisioned in my mind. Frankly, I would spend 2-3 hours getting frustrated and then eventually call Eric and have him figure it out for me in 15 minutes. When you're trying to do things yourself, especially when it comes to creativity, relying on someone else gets frustrating and is not always feasible when you both have your own lives and schedules that don't always match up.

What was I to do? After a lot of research I determined the best course of action for me was to move my domain over to where it is now, with WIX. While I wasn't thrilled with the idea of my website being down for a prolonged period of time, I also reveled in this time that I've had to rebuild and start from scratch. This time I've had to experiment with an easier interface as well as see how creative I can be with it. And unlike the experiences I was having with my time using WordPress, this has been FUN! It's been igniting even more passion for this business, for this adventure.

It also taught me a lesson. We all have desires and goals, things we want to accomplish. Many times in life, anything worth going after is going to have a path with some resistance before it. Meaning you're going to face some struggles and have to fight for the things you really want in life. There'll be times that you'll have to decide if you really want it, or if it's just not worth the struggle.

Before I made the switch to WIX, was my website a top ranked or viewed blog that warranted me getting constantly frustrated with it not looking like I envisioned? By common standards, no, probably not. Was my layout and design the reason why I wasn't getting a ton of hits or turning it into a huge business? Again, probably not. But, it was my outlet for expressing myself and the lessons I had learned and wanted to share with others, in the hopes that maybe the few that did see it would benefit from it. It was my opportunity to learn and grow myself as we often obtain a different view point when we put the events we experienced down in words. It was a passion being fulfilled, well, mostly. Maybe fully had I not kept getting frustrated.

Now am I taking the easy way out by switching to WIX? Absolutely not. Yes WIX has a much more user friendly interface, but building this all up from scratch has been a lot of work! A LOT. But as I said before, it's been a lot of fun too. Experimenting with new layouts and features...I can guarantee there's probably still many features that I haven't discovered yet and probably won't for a while. But those are going to be adventures and discoveries that I look forward to. When I had to revamp my website times before- complete dread. But I still did it.

I want to encourage you, that when you come up to things that you want and need to get done-to push through. But keep your head and eyes up as well as mind open to the possibility of a new, not easier, but better and exciting way of doing those things. Because if you can have fun while putting in hard work, it feels less like work and makes the payoff seem that much better.

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