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THE Majesty

This is THE Premiere plan for the individual wanting to make BIG moves within the course of a year. It's accountability, it's focus, it's alignment and re-alignment as often as you need it and/or want it. What starts out like a normal plan becomes so much more. After our initial discovery sessions the client then gets an unlimited amount of 15 minute calls/video chats for a year! 
Big presentation coming up that you need to focus on what to address? A quick call can help focus on the topic and direction you want the presentation to go. 
Been lacking confidence and struggling to meet new people?
Video chat to highlight your achievements, strengths and what you bring to the table leads you strutting out the door with your head held high.
Feel your career or side project is leading you into a new direction? Call to uncover what path is going to be the most rewarding. 

These are just a few examples of what a Majesty Client could call about. What each call could be for you will be up to you but the result of each will have one thing in common- they will be moving you forward towards your greatness! 

Again, included in this package:

  • I'll prompt you with a questionnaire prior to our first meeting to enable us both to get a clearer picture of what our main focus will be.

  • We will meet once via in-person, phone or video call for up to 90 minutes, covering the area of focus, current climate and discuss possible solutions/goals. 

  • Your own PGM, (Personal Greatness Meditation,) via printout, editable word document and an audio file. The PGM is a literary depiction of what "a day in the life of your greatest life" could look like, giving you an idea to meditate on and inspire you each day. This will be delivered in a second 60-90 minute session.

  • Unlimited calls/video chats from second session to end of contract year. Calls/chats will be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance and no more than two 15-minute appointments can be scheduled for the same day. 

  • Session recap printouts detailing what was covered and what the action plan to follow is to ensure clear focus and direction.

  • You will receive a follow up accountability text from me each week to see how things are progressing throughout the length of the package to help you follow through.

  • Greatness Gear - Two pieces of Step Up To Greatness Swag. Your choice of t-shirt, long sleeve tee or tank top.

  • A FREE "The Cub" session (single session) to gift to a friend or family member.

Unlimited 15 Minute Sessions+

  3 Bonuses=


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