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dustin gruss

Greatness facilitator

Dustin has worked over 20 years in the customer service industry, striving to meet and exceed the expectations of customers and clients alike. Over the last 8 years as a Certified Professional Coach, Personal Trainer, and Motivational/Public Speaker, or "Greatness Facilitator" as he prefers to call it, are the years that have been the most meaningful. Being able to give clients the tools, encouragement and motivation to meet their goals and see it transform and impact their world- it is the fulfillment and gratification that his soul had been looking for.


An Unexpected Journey...

"Sometimes the answer to our prayers is no and you'll never understand why. But here's some good news: what we perceive as unanswered prayers are often the greatest answers." Mark Batterson

Everyone has all been told no, one time or another, even though it was something they really wanted. For Dustin and his wife, Leanne,  they were told no when it came to having their own children. To say they felt defeated and heartbroken would be an understatement.

The roller coaster of emotions that followed over the next several years led them to many different places and left them searching for a lot of answers. That ride, at it's culmination, led them to a new, even more exciting ride as they adopted two little boys through foster care in January of 2022.

As they went through that process of becoming licensed and then actually becoming foster parents, they came upon many questions and moments of confusion. They had more classes they could take and a resource manager assigned to them- along with at least 30 other families. They met other families in the foster system, but with each case being different it is difficult to know for sure what the best information is.

They could've used someone to hear them, encourage them and guide them along the whole journey. That is what Dustin does to help his clients. Together, they can find the answers that seem to be missing when they're needed most and push on when they feel like giving in so that a family will be seen whole one day. 

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